About the Portal

To cater to ground level challenges and to incorporate good agriculture practices, there is a need to encourage and handhold farmers. In this regard, SFAC has undertaken several initiatives such as Capacity Building of BoDs & CEOs, Professional Handholding of FPO; however, market linkages remain one of the crucial activity for FPO to emerge as successful enterprises.

Therefore, to help the FPO in terms of developing market linkages, SFAC has developed a State-of-the-art E-Interface Platform between the FPO and the Buyer, where sharing of information shall be undertaken by the FPO and the Buyer for establishing market linkages. The major objective of developing the e-portal is to link the FPO directly with Retailers, Exporters, Processors and Wholesaler etc, which will not only help the FPOs to get better prices but also give exposure to their produce. This is the first such portal and hopes to plug the information gap between FPOs and organised buyers.

SFAC will act as a facilitator to link both the stakeholders at a single platform. SFAC will certainly facilitate the process of providing real time information on the portal by FPO and Buyer, where any subsequent trading is to be undertaken directly between FPO and Buyer.